Rig Construction

Burton Controls specializes in electrical projects for the oil and gas client. We can handle new construction installations, refurbishment, and custom equipment integration for all types of oil and gas drilling rigs or equipment including: VFD electric rigs, SCR electric rigs, mechanical rigs, VFD and SCR high pressure pump drives, and gas turbine integration to name a few.

Our licensed electricians have installed and/or refurbished electrical products on all types of custom drilling rigs that have spanned the globe. We pride ourselves on giving our clients quality and professional service, be it a small project, large project, global project, or a short notice emergency project. Our construction and installation team is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Rig Construction Coordinators

Oklahoma: Ryan Miller - 405-692-7278

Texas: Bob Haws - 405-831-9597